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Shay arrived for Charms class a little apprehensive. Halloween was almost upon them and that was arguably her favorite holiday ever. The apprehension was due to the fact that she was costumed. Well not that really. She was more concerned about whether her classmates would be so attired as well. Shay's costume was no surprise, well not to anyone who knew her anyway. She was dressed as a ballerina, all pinked out with lots of tulle and her hair beaten into submission and properly bunned.

Walking into the classroom, Shay spotted a few costumes already present. Cool. "Hello Professor Marchand", she said as she made her way to her seat. "Nice costume.". Was it her imagination or was the professor's looking a little........not himself today? Shay sat down and got her supplies out of her bag. Then she sat back to watch the Halloween costume parade.
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