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Even though Olly wasn't saying anything, Esme got the feeling that he wasn't completely comfortable with the PDA. Well, he was shy so that was understandable. She wasn't very used to it either though she DID like holding his hand whenever they went out somewhere. Within time it wouldn't really matter; now they were still pretty new in this relationship. It didn't help that she was still going to Hogwarts, but there was only one term left. Thank Merlin for that!

The facts were clearly interesting him which was wonderful. Esme definitely had more for him, though she did have to stop and giggle at what he said. "I think that they would kill me too. I like to keep in shape, but that is just WAY too much for me." The 'baby' made her happier than ever, and now she was beaming. He could call her that whenever he wanted to. "Of course, sweetheart. And I can tell you more facts while we go up." Since he seemed to like hearing them and she liked talking about the tower.
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