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It was impossible for her to be sad around Olly. Even though she had been rejected, Esme couldn't help but smile back at him. Hopefully one day he would see just how similar they were and how perfect they would be together... At the moment, however, she was happy just being his friend. Could she kiss him as 'just friends'? Because that would be nice... "Of COURSE you would finish them for me." she giggled. "Well, that sounds like a plan then!" Nod at what her sister said. "I will have the exact same thing, but I am going to be adventurous and add on the onion rings." Because Olly was going to eat them if she didn't care for the taste. He was so sweet like that.

When he agreed to show her his paintings during Easter, Esme was practically bouncing with excitement, but she kept a casual exterior. This was just to see his artwork, but she was so happy to have the chance to see HIM again. "Awesome! I'll let you know when I'm coming home and you can send me your address." At this point she assumed that he had his own place, but he might not. At any rate that didn't really matter.

Aww, Leon was offering to share his onion rings with her AND pay for the meal. "Thank you, Leon. That is very sweet of you to do that." Really he didn't have to! She would have understood if he had only covered Juno's meal since he was her boyfriend. Smiling, her attention turned to the conversation her sister and Olly were having about the onion incident. It was nice that they both found it funny. "I guess that I am just so exciting that people can't help but drop food on me." Wasn't she just plain awesome?

"Well, I can see your work any time you want for me too, Leon! And I am sure that you will get into the YATI program. My fingers will be crossed for you both!" Though... "Quicksilver?" Esme was so lost. Why was he calling Juno that?

Catching the look from her sister, Esme shook her head. She knew exactly what Juno was thinking about and no... it was nothing to worry about. The feeling had lasted for only a second. Really she was VERY happy and excited about her present. "I've wanted one of these for such a long time and now I have it." If only she could get dad to cave and let her have a unicorn kept at the stable... "It's an amazing present and I am going to look fantastic in it," she said to Olly, joking. Really she couldn't wait to try it on.

ANYWAY. Esme reached into her purse and pulled out a present for her sister. "Something small for now." Wink. The main present would be happening tomorrow, but for now Juno could have some Chocolate Frogs and chocolate fudge.
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