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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Olly smiled fondly at Esme. They might have just kissed for fun (so he thought) but that was fine. He was still going to ask Esme out sometime. He was determined to. “And if you can’t finish them, I’ll do it for you,’’ he teased. Easter? This sounded great to him! He was just so happy for chance to see Esme again. “I’m fine with that,’’ he said casually though inwardly he was bubbling with excitement. “You’re quite welcome to see those paintings too, Juno.’’ He needed to ensure that he completed more of those paintings Esme had inspired. “Look, Esme finally agreed with us.’’ Cue a chuckle. “I’ll take onion rings, a sandwich and butterbeer if that isn’t too much. Thanks, Leon.’’

He watched with interest as the birthday girl opened her next present. What did Olly think of it? Only that Esme would look extra cute wearing it. “That’s a pretty cool present for her, Juno.’’ And did we mention he loved the relationship the twins shared? Sibling relationships were the best! “I figured that out afterwards. The whole situation became funny for me after a while. Actually, it’s one of my fave memories from Hogwarts.”

Wow. Both Juno and Leon were determined to be Aurors which was pretty cool. Did anyone notice the twins got boyfriends who liked or wanted to do the same as them? Leon and Juno had the Auror thing going while he and Esme had painting. “You both are going to get in and you’ll be great Aurors.’’ Because a word of encouragement never hurts.
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