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Juno looked up at Leon and listened as he talked. He was so handsome it took her breath away sometimes, and this moment was no exception. She looked away, feeling like she was staring a bit too much, and cartoon hearts were floating around her head for sure.

Juno watched the way Oliver spoke about and too Esme. He was soooooo into her. She had no idea what happened to make Esme feel the way she was feeling but it was clearly a misunderstanding, and her sister was completely blind. Juno grinned, "I would love to see those paintings, but Onion rings...not so much." She chuckled. She was actually surprised that Esme was thinking about trying them. Juno had had them before...and she just couldn't get past the texture. She really hated onions. But her sister wanted to be adventurous. "I could go for some Mac and Cheese and a Butterbeer though!" She said with a grin.

Juno suddenly felt bad. She wasn't laughing at him, she was laughing at the whole thing. Mostly because she knew how much Esme hated onions because she hated them just as bad. "Oh, goodness Olly! I'm sorry. I wasn't laughing at you at all. It was just the whole scene that happened. Not specifically you." Hopefully he would understand.

Juno was interested to see that Esme was already making plans for Easter break with Olly. She grinned at the thought of them meeting up. Of course he was going to be humble about his drawings as well. All these artists around her and they were all humble. She loved it. It was rare to find people with any amount of humility these days. "But what you draw is still beautiful. The one you drew of the castle was amazing!" She gave his hand a good squeeze.

She smiled and closed her eyes briefly when he wrapped his arm around her and kissed the top of her head. The butterflies sent another tornado through her tummy. "You are going to be a fantastic Auror." She said with a wink. She then turned to Olly to answer his question. "Yep. Except he will be a year ahead of my by the time I get there, of course. We've been training together since last semester. Running every morning, and stuff like that." She gave him a small smile.

When Esme opened her birthday present, Juno frowned a little. Esme was embarrassed by her? Sadness began to creep into her heart, but then the embarrassment went away and she was happy again. It must have been because she gave it to her in front of Olly. Juno didn't understand why she was embarrassed everyone knew she liked Unicorns...and onesies were freaking awesome. Juno had a few herself and wasn't embarrassed to say so. Oh, well. She seemed to change her mind but she knew Esme would feel the emotions she had. "Oh good I am so glad! It took me months to find them." She hugged and kissed her sister's cheek back.

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