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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Esme was talking an awfully lot about him, wasn’t she? Did this mean she was into him as well? No, she probably was just excited about the bracelet and because it was her birthday. This thought actually made him sad because this would mean that kiss could have been out of excitement. “I remember that she likes unicorns,’’ he explained to Esme. “And horses and that she likes to draw as well as she likes Divination.’’ He remembered everything about her actually. “She’s already inspired me. I’ll just have to show her those paintings. You and Leon should too sometime, Juno.'' As for food… “You can order some onion rings,’’ he added teasingly.

Olly all too well remembered the entire onion episode all too well. “Well, I was embarrassed because I dropped them on Esme,’’ he admitted to Juno. “Then I felt bad because I thought you were laughing at me.’’ But that was a thing of the past and he was over it. Plus he realised that Juno hadn’t been laughing at him but rather at what had happened.

If Esme didn’t believe him when he told her he thought she was pretty great as an artist then she would believe her sister, right?

So the twins had older boyfriends. Anyway, Olly found it really cool that Leon wanted to be an Auror. “That’s great! You’re going to apply at the Ministry for their YATI programme, right?’’ He had family there so he knew how some of the Ministry programmes worked. Oh, Juno wanted to be one too? “Both of you are going to apply then?’’

All this chatter was good enough to distract him from his thoughts about the events earlier between him and Esme.
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