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Juno could tell Leon was super confused. She was definitely going to have to explain this to him better at some point because...yeah she probably should have told him already. OH, WELL! She gave him a small wink and grin, hoping to calm his Ravie brain because she was sure it was going full force right now.

Juno felt really bad about Olly's hand, she was glad Esme didn't notice it and that he was keeping it hidden. She didn't want Esme mad at her....though she wasn't quiet sure if he didn't deserve it yet. But then he started talking about Esme's paintings...she really does sell her self short. The way he smiled at her...Esme's feelings had to be a mistake. She gave him a small chuckle, "I know it was but it was so freaking funny! I am pretty sure I fell to the ground I was laughing so hard." She chuckled a little at the memory. Hopefully it didn't offend Olly, she remembered that Esme said he was kind on the sensitive side...and well...Juno was blunt sometimes.

When Olly changed the subject to herself, she nodded and smiled, "I am! Thank you! It's been a hard task, that is for sure, but it's very rewarding." And it was, even if her co-prefect was hard to get along with sometimes. But there were extenuating circumstances with that.

FOOD! Yes. Her tummy was grumbling but at the same time she really wanted to give Esme her present. When Esme showed her the present Olly got her, she knew she had to give her sister her present. "Well, then it's present time and then food. Because I am starving." Grinning she pushed a pink and orange wrapped box over towards her sister. "This is from me. You are going to love it. I just know it." And come to think of may embarrass her.....but she didn't care. She knew her sister had wanted one of these for a really long time.

And that...that right there was what made Juno realize that her sister had mistaken something. They were definitely going to have a chat in the dorms later. It made Juno really feel bad about squeezing Olly's hand. "He is not being too kind. You are a great painter. That's great! Esme is pretty inspiring. " She said with a wink. She was going to answer Olly's question but Esme beet her to the punch. She gave Leon's hand a quick squeeze, and smiled up at him. "Yep. Leon is a really great artist too, by the way, but he wants to be an Auror." She was going to say 'just like me' but felt it would sound silly if she did. She was just so proud to call him hers and so excited that they wanted the same things out of life.

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