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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Merlin! Esme was putting him in the spotlight, something that Olly didn’t like. But he grinned a little and went along with it because truth be told, he really, really wanted to show her his work just as much as he wanted to see hers. “I am a student there,’’ he confirmed. “And I’m quite looking forward to seeing Esme’s work as well. I think she sells herself short when it comes to her painting talent.’’ He failed to mention that of recent she had become more of his inspiration of recent.

Throbbing hand! Olly opened and closed his fist a few times to get his blood circulating properly again and soon found himself laughing. “You would be right, Juno. But that was a complete accident.’’ He still remembered that Esme disliked onions, you know. “Esme tells me you’re a prefect. That’s great! Hufflepuff House is in good hands.’’ And sure… seats and food or presents. Oops. He had already given Esme hers but had forgotten to get Juno one.

Way to want to make an impression, Oliver, he scolded himself.

“Same here.’’ Olly liked Leon already but liking someone was one of those things that came really naturally to him. “You’re in the same year as the girls?’’
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