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Leon glanced over at Juno, still not fully sure what exactly was happening.. something was going on with the girls and since he didn't have twin sense.. The seventh year sort of stood there..

Clueless boy, party of one.

He smiled and gave Olly a normal handshake. "It's nice to meet you Olly. And it's going.. well. " At least he thought it was? "How about you? " He asked as he glanced between Oliver and Esme, so were they like a thing now? Could he say anything about it? Or was it more like a Voldemort thing, where they were something but didn't say the name of it?

Merlin he needed to sit down. He was going to Ravenclaw himself into the ground if he overthought this.

"Welcome Esme. " He said with a grin before uhh...

Dumped onions all over Esme? Whattt?

Okay.. Leon was going to sit down now before he gave himself a headache... could someone please tell him what was going on?

Or maybe just give him some food? Cause that would be great as well.
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