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Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
Oh GOD, could he like, GO AWAY? Jacobi squirted some hand sanitizer on her hands and rubbed them together, hating how cold it felt on them today in the crisp, winter air.

"You're about to," she snapped back. "And I am NOT...I just like broke magical trinkets is all." She had her reasons, none of which she wanted to share with Jacob Jinks. Another night, though? She shot him a glance and looked around... "Look, I don't know if..that would be necessary because..." she didn't know how to say this. Hmm. "Because he's not interested in the things you would think he our deal is kind of pointless, actually but.." she shrugged. "I made a deal with you, so I can't very well break it." Slytherin she may be, but Jacobi didn't break a deal or a promise. Ever.

She shot him a look. "You're previous assessment about him is entirely wrong, you know."

But, she added at the end, "If you want help with Charms, I'll help you, though." She shrugged.
Honestly, Jacob still didn't see the appeal. "You fix 'em or something?" Because otherwise, what was the point? But... If she does fix them, she could make for an interesting business partner. There are markets for those things. And since Jacob was already planning to open up his business in the next few weeks, he could always make a mock up for some additional consumer markets.

As for her reaction to his new offer... LOL. Jacob burst into laughter at how serious she became with her reply. "You told him you got the room from me," she was sure Cal was interested in girls, right!? "And he said he wasn't interested!?!" WOW. This was DEFINITELY the best thing he had heard all week.

Still chuckling, he waved a dismissive hand. "I'll get Saffron to do my charms homework," he didn't need help. He wanted someone to do it. IT wasn't about brains, it was about effort.

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