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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post

Natalia kind of just looked at her. Did she really think she wouldn't know not to eat crafts? For a moment Nat wanted to pick up some paste and pretend to go for eating it just to see what the woman would do. "Got it no eating things that you aren't suppose to eat." Could she hear the sarcasm that was going through her voice? The almost seventeen year old (tomorrow to be exact) just kept glancing.

So personality didn't seem to be the librarians specialty it seemed since she was a bit quiet or maybe full of herself? Nat went and grabbed some edible decorations to start decorating her sugar skull. Pink and teal icing seemed to be the best idea she could think of at the moment.

"Term is term. It's going alright. Things haven't been too crazy all but Peeves and his sidekick." She really couldn't stand the pixies at this point. If they came back near her she'd probably do squash them under her foot.
Cynthia admired her completed sugar skull before taking a bite from it. Not too shabby. She nodded as the girl talked. Yes, good. She understood.

She nodded. "You mean the fiance?" she asked with a hint of an amused smile. Who ever heard of such a thing? She made a mental note to suggest their story as inspiration for any young would-be authors. A Ghostly Love Story. That would sell.

"The pixies have been quite problematic as well." she added. There had been a few that had gotten out into her library recently.

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