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Originally Posted by Tazzie View Post
Noelle was good people, and Owen was glad that she was his friend. "Thanks, Elle." He mumbled as he accepted the half sandwich that she handed him, smiling as she also offered a portion to Toddles although Owen was going to be really surprised if the house elf accepted it. They rarely accepted any gifts.

Munching away on his sandwich - mmm, that was good - Owen shifted a bit to face Noelle. Studying, huh? "Really? You study?" He teased. As for him, "Nothing. Just napping before you got here." He tried to get a bit of studying done too. Keyword tried.

Welp. See, them house elves wanted to do everything by themselves. "It's okay to ask for help sometimes, Toddles. No man is an island after all." No distinction among humans or otherwise too. Erm...frog cards? Owen tilted his head as he searched through his pockets. "Not sure. But...yeah, I have some. What are you thinking?" Yes, yes, he had several frog cards in his pants pocket. Don't ask why.

Noelle and Owen had something in common, they liked food. Well, they probably had more than that in common, but for right now, thats what the most common was. So she knew that offering the sandwich wouldnt be a big deal. She'd done it many times before.
Of course, Toddles didnt accept the part of the sandwich she tried sharing with him. House elves just werent appreciated enough.

Noelle watched Toddles and Owen's interactions. She tilted her head, wondering what a frog card was. And Owen had them.... She peeked around at him to figure out what it was he had.

"Studying. Its a thing. A thing I do.' She said with a laugh. She could always help him study if he wanted. She hated studying, but she needed top scores if she was going to be an auror one day. "Oh man.... a nap sounds great though....." Naps were life.
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