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Originally Posted by Tazzie View Post
[/spoiler]Noelle was there too. Owen looked up at her friend and chuckled. "Nah, you can sit here." He said, patting the space next to him.

Back to Toddles. More chuckling. "None, Toddles. Just wanted to know what you were doing. Do you need help with watering the plants or something else?" He wasn't committed to doing anything at the moment anyway. He then realized that he didn't know why his Gryffindor friend was there. Maybe she was about to do some gardening, perhaps? "By the way, what brings you here Elle?"
Master offers Toddles helps? Toddles says no. Toddles shakes head. "No no todddles needs do this. Toddles elf. Toddles works." Toddles water plants. Yes Toddles does. "Toddles helps master. Toddles is elf." Toddles does job. Toddles thinks what master can do. Toddles has idea. "Does Master has frog cards?"

Originally Posted by ChanceCoeur View Post
Toddles was just.... adorable. If Noelle could pinch Toddles' cheeks, she would. But restraint was a thing.
"No thank you Toddles." Noelle wasnt used to having house elves do things for her. Even though she had been at the school for 4 years now, she still made her bed every morning just as she was taught. She was raised on the farm. It was in her blood. 'Can I get you anything though?" She asked politely.

Turning to Owen, she sat down and wiggled to get comfortable. She had a sandwich with her and offered him half. But not wanting to be rude, she offered a quarter of her sandwich to Toddles. "I came to do a little studying. Sometimes the common room gets a little stuffy." She nibbled her sandwhich. "What about you? What are you doing out here?"
"No no mistress. Toddles not needs." Toddles helps himself. Toddles is good elf. "Mistress not needs any water?" Toddles likes help.
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