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Cassius Dolohov

Face Claim :: Daniel Marsh
Post Color ::

♠ Name :: Cassius Emilé Dolohov
♠ Nicknames/Alias :: None
♠ Age :: 19
♠ Gender :: Male
♠ Date of Birth :: 09/19/2070
♠ Nationality :: French/English
♠ Blood Status :: Pureblood
♠ Position :: Chaser

♣ Mother :: Angelique Dolohov (nee Baudin) deceased
♣ Father :: Arlo Dolohov
♣ Stepmother :: Margot Dolohov (nee Grimm)
♣ Stepbrother :: Nemo Grimm
♣ Sister-in-law :: Whyttyr Grimm
♣Significant Other :: Adelaide Thornton (girlfriend)

♡ A P P E A R A N C E
♥ Eye Colour :: Brown
♥ Skin Colour :: Tan
♥ Hair Colour :: Sandy Brown
♥ Height :: 5’9”
♥ Dexterity :: Right handed
♥ Build :: Skinny, but built

♢ M A G I C
♦ Wand :: Unicorn Core, Mahogany, 11 ½ inches
♦ Patronus :: None….yet
♦ Amortentia :: His girlfriend’s smell, lavender, mint, general flowery scents
♦ Boggart :: Anyone he loves telling them he is not good enough or wanted

♤ E D U C A T I O N
♠ Beauxbatons Academy of Magic :: 2082/283 term – 2086/87 term
♠ Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry :: 2087/88 term to 2088/89 term

♧ H I S T O R Y
♣ Angelique and Arlo married and quickly had their first and only child, Cassius. They lived in France since Angelique was a French-born witch and refused to move out of her home country. Relatively happy, the couple raised a relatively happy-go-lucky child. Cassius was spoiled, but not so much that he was affected negatively by it in later years. Arlo wasn’t around much, so the bond between Cassius and Angelique was immense.
♣ Cassius was eight when his mother passed away. She slipped down the stairs while Cassius was in the kitchen, her friend waiting at the foot of the stairs for Angelique so they could go out for dinner. Arlo was silent for a week following her death, while Cassius was too stunned to grieve properly. Only when he started Beauxtons a few years later did he feel the pain of his losing his mother that he had held within. There was no real reason for the pair to live in France other than the fact that Angelique had wanted Cassius to attend her alma mater, Beauxbatons.
♣ And so he did, for five years before he was asked to leave due to extremely low grades in most of his subjects. Cassius was never the top of his class, but his increasing interest in Quidditch led to laziness in his classes, and this is where he found his current love, Adelaide Thornton, who attended Beauxbatons as well.
♣ Cassius was devastated to leave, especially since he knew his mother would have been disappointed, immensely, in him. But he went on to Hogwarts; his father had met a British woman anyways, Margot Grimm. He spent two years at the wizarding school and flourished, doing better in his classes than he ever did at Beauxbatons, probably due to the lack of Quidditch at Hogwarts. He graduated with decent grades, but did not pursue University. Instead, Cassius made the Falmouth Falcons, the Quidditch team of his dreams, and currently plays as a chaser for the team.

♡ P E R S O N A L I T Y
♥ Cassius is a goofball, plain and simple. He likes to have fun, he is very rash in his fun, and consequences typically do not matter to him. He is a friendly guy, very bubbly, and can socialize his way out of many uncomfortable situations. He’s not very smooth, but he has a big heart and loves his friends dearly. He would do anything for them.

“And we danced. And we cried. And we laughed, and had a really really really good time.”
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