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Originally Posted by littledhampir View Post
She had a point there. This definitely beat going to class. But he wasn't sure he'd be able to stay up there for too long. It was already starting to hurt a little bit. Those metals bars were not exactly the most comfortable thing to sit on. Olly adjusted his position so he was sitting on the edge, allowing his legs to swing. He liked that she kept calling him sir. It was fun. "I've been up here once or twice. I don't usually stick to one location. I like to mix it up and move around." There wasn't one place he liked best. He liked to wander the grounds.

Olly had to think about her question. She wanted a wise answer worthy of a thirteen year old such as himself. Not something like 'you don't get lost as much after you've been here for a while.' "You will love your time here in Kingdom Hogwarts, Lady Vivian. It's so huge you never run out of things to do. There are new discoveries to make every day." Was he sounding smart? "Sometimes it's weird, though. Strange things can happen. Like hags who want to eat kids. But the professors will keep you safe," he added quickly.
Vivi nodded at Sir Oliver answer her question. Well, it was something she would do too. She easily got bored when things were no longer exciting to see. Though this view would be perfect for looking at the Black Lake. She might even see Mr. Barty the Giant Squid wave a tentacle or two. "Where else do you suggest I can visit?" She had to know the good places here since this was going to be her home until she was seventeen. Might as well know a couple of things earlier on, right? "Sorry for the questions." Firstie probs.

Ah, well, Vivi was expecting to have a splendid time her anyway. Her parents definitely had a blast when they were students here. "Oooohh, sounds good!" the first year beamed and stuff. Yay for new discoveries! But... whaaat? Hags? Vivi blinked. "Hags, as in those ugly creepy looking witches hags? Ewwww, what was it doing here?" Hogwarts actually welcomed those stuff here? Not that she would complain much but... really? A dangerous hag, to point it out.
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