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Originally Posted by littledhampir View Post
Oh good she was playing along. That curtsy was a nice touch too. Olly grinned briefly before regaining his persona. "Come on up madam." Did she need some help? He laid down on top of the monkey bars and looked down through them. It hadn't been too hard for him to climb up, but he'd done it before. If she'd never climbed up on top of monkey bars before she might need some help. He watched just in case.

"May I ask the name of my lovely visitor?" He asked. "I am sir Oliver of Slytherin." He wished he had a costume or something.
Yay! So she finally got permission. "I am honoured!" Vivi curtsied one more time as a sign of respect to the older boy, since they were playing whatever this game was. It was fun, nevertheless! She slowly made her way up and maaaay have nearly slipped on one of those bars but that was okay. If she fell down, she was used to it. She reached the top after two attempts. Mhm, being small and tiny had its disadvantages apparently.

Aawwhh Merlin, did she forget to introduce herself too? "Oh, I apologise for my lack of manners, good sir. My name is Madam Vivian of..." PAUSE. Slytherin? Did he say SLYTHERIN? "Heeeey we're from the same house!" She slipped back to reality for a bit and beamed at the boy. That was soooo cool! Hello, house mate!
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