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Originally Posted by littledhampir View Post
What was that? A munchkin? Just kidding. Olly knew it was a regular sized human being. Well, fairly regular sized. Maybe a bit small. Probably a first year? Olly had not been paying enough attention to the sorting to remember if she had been part of it that year. There were always too many of them to remember all of them anyway.

She did look smaller than average from Olly's viewpoint. He felt like giant. "Halt!" He raised himself up dramatically and held out a hand. "This is my territory. You must ask permission before entering." He hoped she knew that he was just playing. He didn't want some tiny first year thinking he was actually mean.
HALT? Whaaaat?

Vivi stepped backward and kept squinting at the boy. The sun was really getting into her eyes a little bit, even if it wasn't shining much. But you know... LIGHT hurts. Oh, ohh... permission? Vivi tilted her head. Didn't she ask permission before? Maybe the other boy didn't hear her. But... they seemed to be playing make-believe! She didn't mind!

"I'm sorry, gentle sir!" the eleven year old said with a curtsy. Maybe they were being dramatic? "May I please join you up there?" Was that good enough? Did good ole Sir hear it this time? Could she climb up nowww?
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