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Originally Posted by Kimothy View Post
Oh yeah, Vivian just wanted to have capital FUN today. Guess she still had time to play since she didn't have classes for a couple of hours. On top of that, she had already explored most of the castle and yeah, got lost in the process too. But for today, she settled for the playground outside. She skipped and skipped until she reached the grounds. Ahhh, nice weather today. Not too sticky and not too dry either. She mentally commended herself for her great choice of destination today. However, she did kind of wish her sister were here to play with her.

Though Vivi kind of expected herself to be alone out today, she was wrong. Maybe there were other people who wanted to make the most out of such a beautiful weather. Vivi squinted at the boy who was up the monkey bars. Hmm, maybe it looked good up there? She needed to ask. "Hey, there! Hi! Hello!" the blonde waved her hands around for the boy to see, unless he was like... blind or deaf or something. "Is the view up there nice? May I join you?" Bounce bounce bounce.
What was that? A munchkin? Just kidding. Olly knew it was a regular sized human being. Well, fairly regular sized. Maybe a bit small. Probably a first year? Olly had not been paying enough attention to the sorting to remember if she had been part of it that year. There were always too many of them to remember all of them anyway.

She did look smaller than average from Olly's viewpoint. He felt like giant. "Halt!" He raised himself up dramatically and held out a hand. "This is my territory. You must ask permission before entering." He hoped she knew that he was just playing. He didn't want some tiny first year thinking he was actually mean.
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