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I will score my lessons with 20 points total. This is the rubrick I will use (Term 43 onwards) to determine how many OOC house points I give out, and what IC grade your character receives.


Your points are OOC - they represent the detail YOU as the RPer put into your posts (of course I will take into consideration your RP experience). You don't necessarily need to have RP'd the ENTIRE Potion for full marks, so long as you have been with us throughout the week and follow the guide. I'll level the marks out between quality and quantity (eg if you have the BEST most OUTSTANDING posts, detail EVERYTHING, but you only post half of the task, then I'll level it between a 20 and 7-10, so you might get 15 marks).

18-20; Detailed posts explaining exactly what the characters are doing and why.
15-17; Detailed posts, explaining exactly what your character is doing, +/- but not why.
11-14; Good posts, explaining what your character is doing, but missing some details.
8-10; Good/Basic posts, missing some details, most of the lesson RPd.
5-7; Good/Basic posts, RPing some of the lesson
0-4; Failed to attend (0=N/A). Very basic post/s, very little of lesson RPd


Your grades are IC - they represent the SKILL of your CHARACTER. Not every character wants to be good at potions - you can have them as disastrous as Seamus and it will not reflect your OOC house points.

Outstanding; Completes all steps in order, correctly, potion turns out PERFECT
Exceeds Expectations; Completes all steps in order, with mostly the right results, potion turns out EXCELLENT
Acceptable; Completes most-all steps, possibly out of order, mostly the right results, potion turns out ACCEPTABLE
Poor; Completes some-all steps, possibly out of order, mostly the wrong results, potion turns out UNUSABLE
Dreadful; Completes some-all steps, out of order, wrong results, potion turns out DREADFUL and is a BIOHAZARD.
Troll; Failed to even attempt the potion.
N/A; If OOC you haven't had time to finish the potion, I won't give you a grade as I don't want to assume the result of the potion your character brewed.


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