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Post Harry Potter and the Cursed Child plays' Hogwarts students robes designs revealed

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child's social media revealed several of the Hogwarts robes that will be worn by students of all ages in the upcoming two-part plays. After a bit of high-contrast editing of the hi-resolution image (below the cut), the following could be made out:

• Top left: Traditional Cloak
• Top second from left: Hogwarts First Year
• Top third from left: Hogwarts Emoji Robe
• Top fourth from left: Hogwarts Ceremonial Surcote Robe
• Top fourth from right: Ceremonial Surcote Over Hogwarts Robe
• Top third from right: Hogwarts Mid-School Robe
• Top second from right: Hogwarts Sixth Form Robe
• Top right: Sixth Form Robe, Prefect Surcote
The second row seems to be showing the backs of all these robes, save for the image on the far left of a female figure, which is different. The first word seems to be 'short' for the description but otherwise a bit hard to tell.

“Early sketch for the new Hogwarts black robes with added top robes and house hoods, as part of the uniform set. I was looking for a natural visual progression with this new story plus any ways to add individuality within the uniform" – Katrina Lindsay, costume designer #CursedChild #HarryPotterPlay
SPOILER!!: 'Hi-res Hogwarts Robes image"

For an idea of what the robes look like in physical form, the teaser video from the play and J.K. Rowling showed a few figures wearing dark robes similar to the Hogwarts sets seen above.

Previews for the two-part play begin early next month at the Palace Theatre in London, and tickets are sold out through the rest of 2016.

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