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Originally Posted by Callie View Post
I had Hadley in mind as a Hufflepuff actually. She turned out to be a Gryffindor, but we got sorted into Ravenclaw (Cuz I sorted for myself not her).

It's actually been a blast playing her as is. She is convinced she's in the wrong house.

So my advice, just run with it and use it for all the fun it gives you.
oh I plan to xD shes going to be the most slytherin Hufflepuff to walk the earth ambitious and cunning to the core, but also very loyal :3

Originally Posted by Symphora View Post
We excited to have her onboard! She's welcome to bother the prefects if she wants to! We welcome /slytherpuffs/
Slytherpuffs for the win. (that is my house, so I shouldn't be surprised that my first character ended up the same (I even got a Slytherin/Hufflepuff hatstall on Pottermore.)

She's real happy to be going to hogwarts, not sure how she'll react to being in hufflepuff, but I think she'll really admire the hufflepuff loyalty.
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