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43. Specialis Revelio

Finally, Lux had arrived.

Not that she was late, but he was so on edge at the moment. Nobody was home. He was just glad his owl had reached her quickly. He hoped he hadn't bothered her.

He opened the door, grabbed her hand, and led her into the back yard, by the door. He wasn't old enough to perform magic, of course. He also didn't want to talk to his mother or father about this. And Zhenya was at work, probably. He knew she had a task that was taking a long time.

"Someone sent me this," he said, showing her the wrapped up parcel. It was addressed to him, but he never received things. "I went to let the cat out, and saw it here. I don't know who put it there. I'm too scared to open it! What if it's something bad? Like... like mustard gas or something?"

Lux pulled out her wand. "Teddy don't worry. Nobody would send you anything like that. Specialis Revelio," she said, rapping smartly at the package. Nothing happened. Lux shrugged and opened the box. "Who is Archer?" she asked looking up and showing Teddy the card, and the box of lollies.


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