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42. Silencio

Teddy was so excied that he and Lux were going to see the Sherlock Holmes Exhibition together. They caught the tube into London, walking to the museum. Teddy had looked up the directions just in case he needed them, but they seemed to walk along together, talking about Sherlock Holmes, until they surprisingly arrived at the Museum. None of them had been consciously leading.

They went through, up the stairs, and into the exhibit. Teddy was exuberant! Everything there was SHERLOCK. The old posters of books and movies around the world, costumes, information on the behind-the-scenes happenings, documents on the planning of how Sherlock works out everything he knew. It was incredible... until they got to the screening.

They sat down, eager to watch the short clip of the creating of Sherlock from page to screen, when the annoying teenagers behind them kept giggling and talking.
Teddy felt himself getting mad at them for ruinning everyone elses right to watch and listen to the film. And Lux sensed something was up...
"Want me to shut them up?" she whispered to him.
He chuckled. "How would you do that?"
"Silencio. The silencing charm. It's a good one for moments like these."


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