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Originally Posted by Expecto-Penguin View Post
Kace laughed at Silvers comment. He couldn't help it because it was too adorable. "Yeah yeah he isn't that awesome. Well I mean he think he is. He is sometimes too full of himself. Be warned of his charms is all I say." He needed to warn some girls right? He grinned at Silver adorableness and was continuing to look at his telescope. He saw her doing the right thing. I mean how could you use a telescope wrong? AAhhh so she saw Orion. He nodded and he jumped when she squealed seeing a shooting star. He moved his telescope to the right and he saw it too!

"Wwoooaaahhhh that is soooo coool!" he said still staring at his beauty. He loved catching these things. They were so rare. "They are pretty gorgeous." he smiled at her. "Would it have been too cliche if I made a wish already?" he snickered. "Now tell me Silver what do you plan to do after Hogwarts?" I mean he just wanted to know what people were doing.
Silver made a face, clearly his cousin wasn't as cool as Kace. Kace was naturally charming and very pleasant to be around with. "Well in that case, I'm glad I met you instead of him." No offense. "His charm attack wouldn't have much effect on me." Silver grinned and giggled.

"That was so glorious!" Silver squealed as the shooting star passed them by. Returing the smile back to him she nodded with glee. "It's never cliche to wish upon a star." She smiled, having done the same. "Hmm. Well I had planned to go backpacking all over Europe or United States, for a whole year before deciding what I want to major in wiz uni." Plans of study were still a go, however the uncertainty of what interested her the most is what she needed to figure out. "There's also like a lot of things I want to do but, i got to sort out what's my first priority." She chuckled. There was also something she had planned, but that was a little secret she was going to keep to herself. At least for now. "What about you, Kace? What are your plans after Hogwarts?" Silver asked, with a smile.
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