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Originally Posted by Expecto-Penguin View Post
As Kace was still looking into the telescope, he heard someone call his name. He turned around and he noticed Silver got here. "Heyyy Silver!" he greeted her and felt her little body hug him. He chuckled and hugged her back and patted her on the back too. He did miss her and wondered where had she been. "Where have you been? Have you been hiding on me?" he asked. He laughed and would let it slide if she didn't want to go into too much detail. Now back onto the task at hand. "The reason I brought you here is to stargaze and just like look at the stars." he grinned. Wait that sounded a bit cheesy didn't it? He cleared his throat and wanted it cleared up. "I mean this is what typical friends do. I mean I just wanted to stargaze and such.." Now he was making a fool of himself.

He laughed it off and said, "Let's just find some constellations huh?" he said gesturing toward the telescope. "I think I already found the little dipper." he said looking into his telescope.
Silver couldn't stop beaming! So much has happened in her absence from Hogwarts and couldn't wait to catch up with her dear old friend, Kace. "Oh, I've been around. Conquering the world" She teased. "I went to Durmstrang last term, I couldn't possibly imagine graduating without being close to my friends." Silver smiled.

Durmstrang changes people.

"Ooooh I love stargazing! It's been a while since I've done it." Smirk. Smirk. "Sounds like totes fun, Kace." Silver grinned. Yes that was something Miss Silver Barry would do with her friends, though she mostly gazed with a certain someone. wINK. WINK.

Constellations? Eeeeep! She wasn't so familiar with them, not even after constant lessons from her mother. Things worked a lot slower in the lioness' brain. Her attention span wasn't the greatest, but she was a bright young girl. "Little Dipper, hmm.." She bit her lip in deep concentration and looked into the telescope. "I think I'm gonna one-up you with what looks like, Pegasus." Feeling very proud of herself, at the current moment.
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