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Originally Posted by Mad Eye Touz View Post
As far as nooks and crannies went, it was hard to beat the 2nd floor corridors. Zahra had learned early on it was one of the best place to lose Peeves, or hide from a cranky teacher, or even wait out a class that she missed 'cause sometimes 7 am is just too early.

TODAY... she was waiting on one Mikey Toussaint to walk by. She was going to JUMP HIM. So, with a shanty concealment charm in place, Zahra D. Kettleburn waited for a tall, unsuspecting Gryffindor to pass her by.
If one MUST know, Zander was on his way up from the Kitchens. It was basically routine nowadays. In the past he really tried to limit Kitchen runs for when he ran late for breakfast, but it seemed like the older and older he got, it just got harder and harder to not be hungry all the time. He was a growing boy. This was totally acceptable. And he had also run out of chocolate frogs a lot earlier than he had intended to, so he needed to put an end to that chocolate craving somehow, y'know?

Totally acceptable. Very justified. Much understood.

Also for the record, Zander was very much happy and stuffed and unsuspecting and tall-ish and also a Gryffindor. And he was on his way up to the Common Room, probably, when he decided to stop by the Arithmancy room to check for any class notices. So you know, just walking around definitely not expecting anyone to be concealed or hiding out. Just another casual stroll about Hogwarts castle.
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