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Hady didn't even realize she might be getting a bit snippy towards him but she wasn't doing it on purpose. The whole situation was getting to her and making her annoyed. She felt that if someone was worried about her for whatever the reason they should come to her themselves. Anyhow as she listened to Zeke explain his reason for not asking about the Healer she realized he was right. "Nah I'm sorry Zeke, I should've just told you when I mentioned I was going to see her. I didn't think you'd worry over it." She had leaded her head on the wall but tilted a bit upwards to look at him.

Wrinkling her nose and letting out a sigh Hady instantly wished she hadn't mentioned it. Now she'd had to explain. Why couldn't he have just read the stupid thing or why didn't she have a copy of it?

Looking away from him and fixing her gaze on a spot on the floor near her feet she dropped her voice giving him the answer he probably needed. "It mentioned the two of us and spoke of the morning we walked to breakfast. It suggests that we're uh..." She stopped a moment to regroup her thoughts before continuing. "That we're more then friends. Probably because we had an arm around each other..."

Hopefully that was enough. Just let him understand what she was saying...please? She really didn't think she'd be able to say anything about the topic. Let it just be over so they could go plan something fun to do.
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