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Awkward, this was awkward. Zeke shifted his weight from one foot to another as Hady took to leaning against the wall. He watched her for a moment before staring down the hall and joining her in leaning against the wall.

She said she was fine. And she sounded like she meant it... so... he had to believe her? He WANTED to believe her. But then what had Maggie been on about? "Okay," he replied simply.


Evidently judging by Hady's reaction, she didn't know what Maggie was on about, and this only served to hurt his head even more. "Mmm... I dunno," he replied honestly, "I don't get it, and I've been trying to figure this out, but it doesn't make sense. She even asked me if I like you." Pfft, no brainer, of course he did, they were friends weren't they? You don't just NOT like your friends! "I just don't get it."
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