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Well, that reaction wasn't quite what she had been expecting. With a small, impatient huff that said 'I'm too important and obviously recognizable for this level of scrutiny,' Annie reached into her purse and dug around for her school ID. Once it was found, she tossed it haughtily on the table between them and waited for the Auror to ascertain that she was, in fact, offering him a job. She was NOT trying to kill him OR trick him OR humiliate him in any way.

"Are times that bad that you're suspicious of everyone?" she asked coldly, suddenly feeling a stab of regret for arranging this meeting. But on closer inspection... perhaps her instincts were correct. Hogwarts DID need the most paranoid of the paranoid. This was precisely the kind of person she would want teaching her son to watch his back. The question was, what would it take to convince Sabel Dakest to come to Hogwarts?
The embarrassment came through as the woman across from him huffed and jostled through her things. That there was enough proof for him that she was who she said she was, but the years of experience and exercised caution kept him silent from saying so. Hesitantly, he reached over and picked up her ID, doing his best not to examine it like all the others he had looked at over the years. A curious glance, at best. He only partly succeeded in that.

"I'm trained to be suspicious of people, but recent events have made me more wary." Sabel's eyes left the ID to look up at her. The full weight of what she was saying was finally settling on his shoulders, her hostility towards his blurted request an uncomfortable contrast. He didn't want to ruin this, but he wouldn't explain his caution. That was one of the points in her list of requirements after all. Blimey.

Letting out a slow breath, Sabel placed the ID back on the table and slid it over to her. "I meant no offense, Ms. Truebridge,, but all the same, thank you for obliging me."

Once the ID was back on her side of the table, he sat back again, scrubbing at his neck. Job offer. Defense Against the Dark Arts, job offer. There was an excitement that was starting to grow within, pricking at his caution, trying to silence his hesitation. It asked the most obvious question. Why was he hesitating? This wasn't a joke. This wasn't a game, trick or illusion.

His eyes returned to her, noting the evaluation and conviction in her gaze. This was real. She was serious about this. Regardless of what the Prophet had said, or might say. To suggest that she hadn't considered it was insulting. Otherwise, the paper wouldn't be sitting in front of him, the red circle staring at him. People talked, people believed, people feared and parents did a great deal of all of those things. The fact that she was willing to look beyond public perception to character, was both curious and impressive.

Sabel straightened a little, trying to sort sense through the torrent of thoughts. "I'm honored, and more than a little surprised, that you sought me out." Out of everyone that she could have chosen. He still wasn't sure why him. Why not Damien, or Evander or even Wesley. Perhaps it was personal connection? If so, he owed Sander big.

"What can I do to convince you, that I am that man?" The one that was right for the job. The one that she thought he was.
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