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Violin Sonata in B Minor – G.A. Piani

Sixteen years old...

“So, I think sneaking you out of here could be plausible—“ Branwin began as he flopped back on Iwin’s bed.


Bran rolled to his side, perched on his elbow as he eyed Iwin. “I also think we could set Boucle on fire for funsies—”

“Sounds great!” Iwin replied, almost blankly, like he wasn’t paying attention.

“Mate….you’ve got it bad.”

“Got what bad—“ Iwin seemed to snap out of it and threw his neatly balled up pair of socks into the air.

“You’ve got the LOVE bug!” Branwin smirked.

“Isabelle…is worth it, Bran….I think she’s the one.”

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