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Originally Posted by StarShine View Post
Cosgrach wasn't inside the office, but coming from the owlery. He smiled at the girl as he drew his wand to open the door.

"Hey," he said, "come inside." He opened the door and stepped aside.
She did not have a book to read at the moment, so all Nicole did as she waited for the Professor was to stare at the closed door. Soon, he arrived at the Waiting Area, not from inside the office, but from the Dungeon Corridor. She stood up when she saw him and smiled back.

Nicole wondered where the Professor had been, but did not think about it much as she greeted him. "Hello, Professor," she said. She walked into the Office as told and looked around. Everything looked cool, especially the Turkish carpet in the middle of the room. Then, she turned her attention to the Professor again. "How are you doing, Professor?" she asked. The Ravenclaw pulled another one of the large chocolate sweets out from her bag. "Would you like a Chocoball?" she offered.
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