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Originally Posted by Squishy View Post
Okay, he had better be ready because she might end up overloading him with questions if she didn't keep herself in check. Hehe. "Well, I want to make the effects of my potion last for 24 hours and I was wondering what the most effective method to do so is. Like a certain spell or ingredient or whatever." She had looked through the books, but some of the stuff in there managed to CONFUSE her even though she was supposed to be a potions expert. Okay, she wasn't even close to the level that Culloden was on. BUT STILL.

Cosgrach didn't answer right away, but thought about her potion. He had a great memory when it came to potions stuff, so he didn't need to check her ingredients list again. Instead, he said "Your potion wouldn't cause any side effects," he said, "so the only problem with it would be the overeating." He couldn't help but smile. Hehe. "Of course, we won't know for sure, but, I think it'll suffice to drink one more dose when it wears off." So, no extra ingredient or something to add. However...

"I think it's better if we replaced dragon horns with a piece of kneazle tongue. Dragon horn has no... effect in what you want." He made an apologetic face. Although it was 'cool', it would only poison it. "Cats, however, are picky when it comes to food and we want the perception of tongue anyway." So... all set?

Text Cut: Autocorrect plus Time
Originally Posted by feeheeheeny View Post
Of course, she knew that there was cheer-up potion in the sweets, but... wasn't there something STRONGER they could use? More effective? She chewed her bottom lip softly, unsure of what to say or do, but when Culloden continued talking, Soph nodded a few times and crossed to sit on the arm of the fancy armchair Zander was sitting in. "Yeah. And you can cry, too, if y'want. Everyone cries. I've seen this nerd here cry like twenty times in the past few years," she grinned, her eyes flickering up to meet Culloden's briefly but falling back down to reside on Zander again. "You're in good company. Not alone," she reminded again, reaching to encouragingly take hold of one of Zander's hands. "Y'can do and say anything y'want."
Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
[/spoiler]"I-uh-I know I'm not alone... I get that," he slowly took his eyes off the floor too. It was probably the potion getting him to talk some, but at least he was talking? Not much light behind his eyes still, that would take time. Or maybe a few more of these cheer-up sweets? Maybe. "I was just SO caught up in my own mess of things that I forgot to check in with him. He thought I was avoiding him for the past few months. Some best friend I was." So maybe he felt guilty? But more than that, just plain upset.

"It's just-- I don't know... It's stupid, but it's not going to be the same without him here." Understatement of the century, by the way. The Gryffindor felt his eyes doing the watering thing and he almost immediately wiggled his hand out of Sophie's rub his eyes. He wasn't going to cry. He was being emotionless, remember?

For once, Cosgrach didn't try to correct Sophie but let Zander know that he had cried a lot. These weren't normal times, and Zander needed comfort more than anything else, and see? He was even eating the sweets! Cosgrach put the bowl back on the coffee table, and gestured at the armchair if Zander wanted to sit down. Or, his throne, even.

Zander started to talk, however, so the man focused solely on him.


"His expulsion isn't your fault, Zander," he said slowly, because Zander had to see that. "Kevin has always been... troublesome. I do think he made some progress," he did, he did, "but it wasn't enough. You can accuse yourself for not being a good friend," honestly, Cosgrach didn't know how their friendship worked, "but don't you ever think he's expelled because he felt lonely." Got it? As for the 'same' issue, why, maybe it would be better?

Text Cut: Felix
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Toby gave a single nod.

"Cool, thanks," he said, tucking his folded up parchment away back into his pocket now that it had served its purpose. He sat there for a second and drummed his fingers on the arms of the chair, looking as though perhaps he was about to say something else. But a moment passed, and then another, and then Toby was standing, instead. "I'll see you soon, then, sir."

An awkward pause, where Toby was pretty sure they were done talking and he could go, but Culloden hadn't actually said so out loud, so it felt impolite to just head for the door.


"I'll just go then."

Cosgrach felt like the boy was debating saying something, but then he got up. Okay. It wasn't like Cosgrach wouldn't see him again, so Cosgrach got up too. Sure, Toby was socially his inferior and he didn't need to get up while he boy walked out, but it felt impolite. Besides, Toby wasn't some arrogant brat to misunderstand it. Yeah. "See you later," he said, smiled, and moved to sit on his throne as he walked out.

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