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Text Cut: Kevin
Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
…….Why would he want a kid to poison himself in his office?...good question and Kevin frowned before he clapped his hands once as if he had just gotten the most brilliant idea. “Because you’re a potions professor and maybe wanted to experiment a new potion and watch what happens?!” he said. “Cause i would do that if i was a potion master” he grinned. Mweh , no one had his humour.

The Gryffindor jumped off the desk and began walking around again because he couldn’t sit still, with the mug of newly added water in his hand and sipping from it now and then. At the Professor’s question, the boy turned around and sighed HEAVILY. “Ok so, i hate studying so my question is, is there a way to still become a potioneer without having to go to uni. Cause i heard i had to go there if i wanted to become a potioneer but studying and me does not go well”

...which was EXACTLY why Kevin would never get to teach potions.

"Unlike you, I'm not so cruel," he said in a somewhat amused tone, and cocked his head to the side. He was going to admit that this was too much fun to be concerned, though. His body would process the excess potion peacefully anyway. Or, y'know... depending on how much he let himself be annoyed.


Cosgrach didn't move from the armchair, but watched him. Uh oh. Was Kevin in some sort of trouble - OH, haha.

"I can, yes," he started cautiously, "but you have to study even more, then, because in university you are taught. However, on your own, you'd have to learn by yourself." Could Kevin perceive the difference? "So I'm sorry, but to be great, you have to." Otherwise, he'd just be someone who worked in a lab.

Hard facts of life.

Text Cut: Toby <3
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Toby couldn't help but smile at that. It sounded like a pretty good deal to him. And his grin widened further at that last part.

"That sounds great to me, sir," the Hufflepuff replied with a nod. "I'll tell you-" He seemed to realise at this moment that they they were meant to be speaking almost conspiratorially, and quickly lowered his voice, "-before I try them."

Ahem. Nice. So. That was a plan then. He and Culloden could spend time brewing the potion together, and it would be pretty good to spend time with the professor, especially doing what the dude was a literal pro at.

Cosgrach grinned at him, then, and clapped his hands once as he leaned back.

"Great, indeed!" He paused. "But you know, we have to start 3 later, because I need to stew Lacewing flies." Sounded good?

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