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Originally Posted by Shanners View Post
"Both danger and death begin with a d, did you know?" Hint. Hint. There was some sort of reason she was as pushy as she had been about him getting a "normal" job. At least now she could use a few people around here to keep an eye on him on his breaks and whatnot. There were perks to rating guys on their looks. If they were a '1', then it was easy enough to get your way. 1's all around in this case.

Nate was a 1. But she didn't need to tell him that or announce it or anything of the sort.

The blonde quirked half a smile, nodded and swayed a little with him. "I'm sure his mistress would agree with that. I, of course, consider her to be an acquired taste. That that belongs to the blind, the deaf and the canine." Which was a hint towards how she would consider his tastes if he followed through with her fathers comment from their dinner recently. Never again was she introducing a boyfriend to her parents. The first time had been the ONLY time.

Leaning in, she lay her lips close to his ear and whispered. "Stunning is soft, newbie."
Nate smirked. "Honestly i never thought abuot it, Thanks for pointing it out." He was only kidding that that whole bit with her father and he hoped she knew that. There was no one he'd met that he wanted to be with as much as he did with her. Him having this job should prove that. But he couldn't say that out loud, that was soft.

Her words couldn't help but get a slight laugh out of him though. She was nothing if not amusing at most moments. "I'll keep that in mind, though i couldn't see any man that has you wanting a mistress as well. He'd have to be stupid." Mmhmm so that was that.

Nathan moved as close as she did and prepared to whisper back. "Not everything soft is so terrible." He backed away a bit and met her eyes. "I don't believe i caught your name?" Not that she'd given it.

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