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Originally Posted by Schroyers View Post
Nate had been socializing, well talking to random people. If you could count that as socializing..

He hadn't met anyone from his own department which was a little but weird. Honestly was it so secretive that no one even showed up to party? Cause that would be dull, working with people who couldn't appreciate a decent party.

But then he spotted her across the crowd, the one person he was really looking forward to seeing all night...wearing something that didn't exactly look like her? Nope.. It was a little too.. Well, just not Eliora..

He made his way there, toward her and smiled, being as charming as ever, as if he'd never met her before. "Hi, You look devastatingly beautiful, would you like to dance?" He asked and held out his hand to her. So maybe this was a little cheesy, but maybe he thought she liked cheesy sometimes.
Eliora was mid sway when a hand fell into her personal space. But she already knew from the voice who it was, and heck someone needed to give her an award for not pulling him close then and grinning at him. Ever the mature, responsible and polite, Eli smiled as she lifted her head an inch to look at her company. "You should be careful who you call devastating around here. Some of the faint hearted could take it as an insult." But he honestly could call her that again and she wouldn't mind; she knew it already, and she knew he thought it. That was the plus side of this boyfriend thing.

The compliments.

Not the feelings and being soft and enjoying having someone look at you when you weren't looking and knowing you made them smile and -- just the compliments. None of that other stuff happened here. None of that was what happened between her and Nate.

She took his hand anyway, lightly and definitely not like they already knew one another. "Lucky for you, my heart is well defended." That...he already knew more than anyone in this place. He'd fallen victim to ugly defeats from those defences.

She was going to dance with him, by the way. It was on her to do list.

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