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Originally Posted by Saiai View Post
SPOILER!!: Ember

Despite having worked at the Ministry for several years now Dmitry had never actually attended an orientation event before. Not even his first year working here. Generally he was already in Russia at this point, or still in France with his family. This year though he was back in England, at least for the next few days and so he figured he might as well come, especially since he was pretty sure Ember would be here too.

Walking into the room he looked around dispassionately. Everything looked nice of course, but considering how many different parties he'd been to in his life this one wasn't especially impressive. The dance floor did look good though, then again he liked dancing so as long as a dance floor was big enough he was good with them. Even if he did still sometimes wish that the dance floor was a stage.

This one wasn't too crowded yet either, just a few people on it, although one of them was dancing a bit crazily so he'd probably try to avoid her. Except... was that EMBER?

Blinking slightly to make sure he wasn't imagining things Mitya determined that crazy boogy lady was indeed Ember. Not going to avoid then. Maybe he could get her to dance in a more constrained manner in order to avoid dying on the dance floor? Smiling fondly Dmitry strode over to Ember, calling out to her in order to avoid getting his feet stepped on or hit by a limb as he got close.

Ember was in her OWN little world---jiiiving over here--BOOOGYING over there--and when she heard her name--she WHIPPED around quickly, her naturally brown hair swishing behind her.


Her Mitya!

Ember giggled and skipped to him, cheerfully, and hugged him OH SO TIGHTLY. "Mityaaaaa!" she said, all smiley now. MITYA WAS HERE. Her Mitya. Was it bad she was calling him hers? NO? OKAY! "You made it! I'm so happy! I have a dance partner now!" she had his hand in hers, and she was swinging it back and forth. She EVEN placed a kiss on his a LIGHT PECK THING. Nothing FANCY. "Do you like my dress?" she let go of his hand to SPIN around. "It's all colorful--and--I miss my hair a bit--so--" yeah.

She needed all the color she could get.

She also spared calling him MiMi at front of his colleagues. Because yeah...EMBER WAS NOT CRUEL.
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