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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
People. Yeah. There was an awful lot of talking going on back here for a group of individuals who allegedly didn't want to be social.


"Hello," was all he said back to the lady. She seemed overly chipper for this little lounge. And who was the new kid wandering in here, looking all bright eyed and starstruck?

Yeah? He knew him? William gave him a deeper look and shook his fork at the kid. "Don't tell me you're another one of my former students." For the love of merlin... they were old enough to work here now?!
Was it him? Vick angled his head and wondered maybe it was just someone who used to look like his COMC Professor when suddenly the man went all King of the Seas on him and brandished out a trident.


... ok so maybe its just a fork. But its still this.close to his very purty eyeball "WWW-Well..... nn-no?" the former Ravenclaw stuttered in reply, going back to the old habit of offering an answer his Professors wanted to hear.

And then theres THAT GUY that said he punched Professor Dragon Daddy....

....could he have picked a much better timing than when a fork was set to deface him?

Point the fork thaaaat way
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