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Alana Ritter, in all her glory, walked into the area of the party and headed straight over to where the food and drinks were. She had quite the trip here and she still couldn't believe that she was one of the first ones there.

She smiled at the dance floor from across the way and decided against going over there just yet unless someone asked her. She really didn't want to be the weird new one who danced by herself. She was all about impressions and that was definitely not one she wanted to present.

"How extravagant." Alana said, in her thick German accent, as she looked at the table of different food. Instead of going for the food, she walked over to where the punch was and picked up one of the sparkling crystal goblets. She filled it up with the deep orange punch and turned around, taking sips from the goblet as she watched more and more people fill in. Maybe she'd meet some people from her department that she'd be working with.
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