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Text Cut: Domino
Originally Posted by 2111jen View Post
The first one in today. Intwresting.
"G'day professor" domino said and sat at a seat after taking pa piece of papper.

Domino then put the papper on a place on her desk.

Ah, the first student had arrived! "Good morning, Miss Emery. Clearly you have your pick of seats!" She gestured towards every seat in the room.

Text Cut: Abby
Originally Posted by Saz Hale View Post
Abby walked into the Arithmancy classroom knowing it wasn't one of her strongest subjects but she was still here and said "Good morning Professor Tanner" Abby grabbed a piece of paper and wrote "Abby Victoria Valentine, April 12th 2072" Abby put the piece of paper with the information under her textbook and waited for the lesson to start

"Good morning, Miss Valentine." The first Ravenclaw. "Er, Miss Valentine.. Are you familiar with the meaning of the term 'conspicuous' at all?" Because based on what she did, she really was not.

Text Cut: Lux
Originally Posted by Squishy View Post
BRRRR. Why was it so chilly?

Entering the Arithmancy classroom, Lux only had to look towards the windows to figure it out. "Hello, Professor Tanner!" Smiling at the woman, she was very thankful to her for being so nice and helpful during her mini breakdown last term.

Glancing towards the board, she read the instructions before grabbing a blue piece of paper and taking a seat as far from the open windows as possible. With a pencil she wrote down the information required:

Once she was done she put the paper on her desk.

And then the first badger walked in. "Ah, Miss Carrigan. Welcome to class." Tiara noted her choice of seats with amusement.

Text Cut: Kate
Originally Posted by Anna Banana View Post
Kate headed to Arithmancy class with a slight hesitation in her step. She had pinned this subject as one that would probably be her worst one. Math? Eww! At least this was Professor Tanner's class! That woman was probably the kindest and most comforting professor Kate had met so far. Kate remembered being a scared little firstie on her first night here, and Professor Tanner made her feel loads better about being away from home.

"Hello, Professor Tanner," she said, stepping into the room. Kate made her way to a desk, all the while reading the notice left for them. Nametag on the desk? She could do that. She took a piece of paper and on it wrote:

Kate Evangeline Addison
October 30, 2073

She then settled into her desk and cracked open her textbook. May as well try to figure out a little about the subject before the lesson got started.

Good, another eagle. And a new student! Excellent, excellent. "Hello, my dear. Any seat you would like."

Text Cut: Angel
Originally Posted by Harry174 View Post
Angel wasn't looking forwards to this lesson, no matter what anyone said about the last Professor, Angel thought she was cool. They had made chocolate cake together and done a few other things, so why would she be nice to her but be really bad with other people... she was very confused but this Professor was okay.

"Hi Professor." Angel smiled, "How are you today?" Angel decided that she would be polite, she looked at the board and saw the instruction, she grabbed a piece of parchment and took out her quill after taking a seat at her desk.

Angel put the parchment down that was right, but she wasn't sure if the Professor wanted it that way or anything way.

Next up was another Valentine. "Hello there. I am quite well today, thank you for asking. And yourself?"

Text Cut: Caleb
Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post
Yawnnnn. Great. Time for Arithmancy. And judging by the fact that they had to put their birth date on their nametags, that led him to believe that they'd be doing some calculations or whatever using that. Just fantastic. Sigh.

He got a piece of paper and quickly scribbled the info he needed on there, placing it in the corner of his desk as he sat down.

Good, a student leader. "Good morning, Mister Newell." She would be polite and greet him even if it wasn't going to be reciprocated.

Text Cut: Brooklyn
Originally Posted by SilverTiger View Post
Brooklyn wasn’t exactly expecting much as she headed up to Arithmancy. So far her expectations regarding the subject had seemed to be met, anyhow, but she felt like the professor was nice enough. Maybe too nice, really, but some people liked that. She preferred respect, but it wasn’t any fun if that came too easily. She’d take it, though, and she gave the professor a polite smile as she walked past her into the classroom. “Good morning Professor Tanner,” she said, just as politely, eye on a green piece of paper on the table that she’d already claimed as hers. She was going to be angry if someone swooped in and stole it before she could pick it up, and therefore she made a bee line over to the table and snatched it before turning to look for a seat.

Not near the windows. She was thankful she’d made sure to wear her sweater underneath her robes, given the breeze that was flowing in. She didn’t like being cold. Dropping her bag onto a desk, she sat down quickly and retrieved a pen. She wasted no time in writing her information on the paper, and then stuck a corner underneath her bag just in case it tried to blow away. She wasn’t taking any chances.

She smirked as the girl went for a green piece of paper to match her house colors. "Good morning yourself, Miss Andrews."

Text Cut: Zeke
Originally Posted by Hera View Post
Arithmancy... gulp. Why did numbers have to be soon hard? And why did Professor Tanner have to be NICE? If she was a cow like Domingo then the decision to not take the class would have been as easy as a slice of cake.

Nevertheless, he was here, in all his glory.

"G'morning Professor," he greeted the Professor as he stepped into the classroom. Windows were open. It was... FRESH. He didn't mind this so much, at all.. it might in fact keep him awake.

On his way across to the window side of the room, he spied the message on the board, and the slips of coloured paper. Okkkkaaayyy then. He took a bright red one, and claimed himself a desk by the window in the middle row. Wake up! Wake up!

After getting his textbook and writing materials out, Zeke inked his quill and scribbled the appropriate details on the slip of paper.

He was ready to place it on his desk, but... what did conspicuous mean??? Hidden? Half hidden? Out in the open? ..... Slightly confused, he pushed it to the corner of his desk, facing him. That'd do.

She was not surprised to see Mister Rogers. Tiara got the feeling that he thought himself inept in the subject, but clearly he wasn't. "Lovely morning, Mister Rogers." Another who grabbed a house color.

Text Cut: Hady
Originally Posted by SpiritWolfe Malfoy View Post
Time for yet another class. Only this time it was Arithmancy and she wasn't that good in it. She had some trouble last year but maybe this year would be easier. Probably not but here's to hoping.

As Hady entered the class she noticed two things right away. One was the Professor was right there as she walked in. "Hello, Professor." She greeted quietly walking further into the room. The second was it was chilly. A nice chilly though not a it's cold close the windows please chilly. She enjoyed fresh air so choosing a desk by a window was a nice idea.

Making her way towards an empty seat Hady took notice to the board and picked up a slip of green paper before sitting down. Taking out her quill, parchment and textbook she set them on her desk, keeping her quill in hand she write neatly on the green paper like she was supposed to.

Setting her quill down she moved the slip of paper to the corner of her desk. Now all she needed was for class to begin.

The Slytherins were beginning to outnumber the other houses, if her informal assessment was accurate."Morning, dear. Any seat you'd like."

Text Cut: Dima
Originally Posted by lemon View Post
Was it COLD? Dima found that odd, but considering the fact that he'd never been to the Arithmancy classroom before, he couldn't really compare it to anything but the temperature in the rest of Hogwarts. Could have been normal for this part of the castle, yeah?

Or not. Seemed like someone had opened a WINDOW. And he would have gone and shut it, but he didn't know if the professor would get crabby.

Although she worked with Mr. Kitdridge, and since HE was nice and awesome, she had to be nice and awesome too, right? By default?

"Morning, professor!" Having glanced at the board while entering, the Ravenclaw grabbed a slip of paper and headed to an empty seat. He grabbed a quill from his bag, printing 'Dmitriy Yves Toussaint' right above his birthdate, '12 April, 2072'. And then he nudged it to the front of his desk.

.... now what? What did one even DO in Arithmancy? Other than, like.... sums and stuff. Ew.

"Love the enthusiasm, Mister Toussaint!" Someone was having a good morning, wasn't he?

Text Cut: Margo
Originally Posted by Buggy-Boo View Post
Margo smiled at the Professor. "Hello Professor!" Margo said smiling and taking a piece of paper! Margo bounced in, always excited for every lesson, even if she wasn't good at them at all. Pulling out her eagle feather quill, her favorite ever! It was from her mother. Writing her full name and birthday on the sheet.

Margo Joan Holiday
February 11th 2074

Seeing her birthday on paper, made her look really young....oh wait yeah she was really young!

Tiara liked seeing first year students in her lessons. They tended to be more confused in general, but enthusiastic! "Hello Miss Holiday, welcome to class," she said with a smile.

Text Cut: Aegis
Originally Posted by DJ ExpelliarMOOSE View Post
Good day for a Class to Fall asleep in. All Aegis needed to with Numbers in his Career Option was Add them. So Pssh to Arithmancy and it's confusing ways. He noticed the sudden change in temperature as he went from Hall to Class, and saw that the Windows were Open...Someone should close them....

He considered it, but then figured that it was just air. Air wasn't deadly....a lack of air was.

He eyed the board and snagged a slip of paper from the pile. He took a seat and quickly scribbled his name out.

Another student who neglected to greet his instructor. Manners were on the decline at this school. Something to speak to Anastasia about, no doubt.

Text Cut: Bennyboi
Originally Posted by Holmesian Feline View Post
There was a slight chill in the air as Benny made his way to the Arithmacy classroom, a signal that autumn was there and the temperatures were gradually beginning to cool. It didn't bother the boy as it was his favorite time of year. Coming into the room, he noticed the professor waiting for them. "Good day, Professor Tanner," he greeted before walking past. It was then that he looked for a spot to sit, coming to where Angel already was.

"Hey," he said as he set his belongings down on the desk beside her. Spotting the note on the board, the fifth year went back to retrieve a colored piece of paper before finally taking his seat. With a few scribbles upon the parchment, he had his information down, placing it before him on the top of the desk.

More and more students were showing up now. That always got her adrenaline pumping, but in a good way. "Good day, fine sir. Pick your seat anywhere."

Text Cut: Zander
Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
The Gryffindor had half a mind to skip this class in all honesty. It wasn't that he didn't like Professor Tanner... Just... Not the biggest Arithmancy fan, you know? Actually not a huge fan of any classes more like it. Wait no, okay that was a lie. Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology. Those ones were good. And Professor Flamsteed always made Astro-- Okay no. Back to the point. There was just something really unappealing about calculating the meaning of numbers. And all the math. It was always the math.

Though, he new better than to skip. If he planned on passing his OWLs-- which he totally did-- then he'd have to make an effort and that's what he was best at. The effort part, not necessarily the succeeding part. As he walked towards the room, he peered inside and assessed the class a bit. So uh, where were all his friends? Lux was there of course, but... The others? HE DIDN'T KNOW ANYONE IN HERE!! Okay, okay. That was a bit dramatic. Prefect Newell was sitting right there-- though, they had only really spoken on that awkward train ride-- and Benny and little Gryffindor Zeke.... But no one he knew that well. 'Sides, Lux was probably waiting for Cinna and Emmy to go join by her side so he wouldn't go steal their seats, he knew better. May not be an Arithmancy genius, but didn't take one of those to figure this out...

So YUP. He was going to go sit all by his lonesome. And hope that another friend would walk through the door. Please? Sophie Brown Kevin Hirase Grayson Wit--ANYONE??

As he walked in, he couldn't help but pull his jacket a little closer, 'cause woah kinda chilly, huh? "Good Morning, Professor," Actually... 9 am. Wasn't really the time to think about numbers. Sigh. Anyways, he took a slip of paper as instructed and walked to a desk that seemed to be isolated from the islands of other people in the classroom. FRIENDS?

Oh yeah, and "January 3, 2070," apparently that was important.

"Good morning to you, Mister Adair." He was struggling with directions this morning, apparently, since she didn't see his name on his paper. Tiara gave an internal sigh.

Text Cut: Marigold
Originally Posted by ScarletCharm104 View Post
Marigold passed this OWL, so she was here. Um. Which might've been a bad decision, considering she was pretty bad at this class, but whatever. You only are in school once, or something like that.

It was unusual for a Hufflepuff to fail to greet a professor. Another sign that she really should talk to the Headmistress.

Text Cut: Heather
Originally Posted by lazykitty View Post
Brrr. Heather had to pull her robes tighter to her as she walked down the corridor to Arithmancy. Once she entered the classroom, though, she could she why. Professor Tanner had opened the window. Which she didn't understand. Why open the window when it was getting cooler outside? Was it a tatic to keep the class awake? She should worry more about making sure certain people (Kevin.....) behaved, if the desasterous Charms class was anything to go by.

Heather chose her seat and read the board. And then had to get back up to get a slip of paper. She chose a pretty light blue and sat back down, writing out the requried information. She guessed from this that they were going to be doing some calculations, because why else have them write this stuff down?

Two in a row? Now this was beginning to get ridiculous. At least she had filled out her paper correctly.

Thanks, Kitakins <3
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