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Arithmancy... gulp. Why did numbers have to be soon hard? And why did Professor Tanner have to be NICE? If she was a cow like Domingo then the decision to not take the class would have been as easy as a slice of cake.

Nevertheless, he was here, in all his glory.

"G'morning Professor," he greeted the Professor as he stepped into the classroom. Windows were open. It was... FRESH. He didn't mind this so much, at all.. it might in fact keep him awake.

On his way across to the window side of the room, he spied the message on the board, and the slips of coloured paper. Okkkkaaayyy then. He took a bright red one, and claimed himself a desk by the window in the middle row. Wake up! Wake up!

After getting his textbook and writing materials out, Zeke inked his quill and scribbled the appropriate details on the slip of paper.


Ezekiel Rowan Rogers

24th of July, 2073
He was ready to place it on his desk, but... what did conspicuous mean??? Hidden? Half hidden? Out in the open? ..... Slightly confused, he pushed it to the corner of his desk, facing him. That'd do.
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