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Company WAS nice, even if it was company he didn't know - there was time to change that. Zeke observed as the girl took a seat and answered his questions without hesitation. She wasn't the shy sort, that much he could tell. And what's more, he was right, she was a firstie! That was exciting.

"I'm Zeke, Zeke Rogers, and I'm a second year Gryffindor," he replied diligently as the same questions were redirected to him, only, he added the bit about his House. Uber important that was. He looked back out the window briefly before turning back to Kate. "Do you know which House you want to be in?" he asked conversationally. He remembered his own journey to Hogwarts as a first year. The sorting ceremony was all he could think about the whole trip. For this reason, he figured it might also be playing on the girlies mind too. He could help her decide if she hadn't already!

Ohh, a second year. That was cool! "I was kind of hoping you'd say you were a first year, too," she admitted. "Second year's a good year, but I haven't met any other first years yet." She wouldn't say this much out loud, but she kind of felt alone in her year. Maybe Zeke could teach her the ropes, though! "But since you're a second year, maybe you can tell me more about what to expect. When will I get sorted? I'm hoping they'll do that right away." She didn't want Zeke to think she was disappointed in his year or anything.

"I want to be in Ravenclaw," she answered. "That's the house my mom was in, but my dad was a Gryffindor like you. I think I'm a better fit for a Ravenclaw, though." Kate hadn't realized how much she already missed her mom and dad until she'd started talking about them. Suddenly, the Christmas holiday seemed years away. "Was Gryffindor the house you were hoping for?"
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