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Aspen was so familiar with Mr. Branxton's ticks. It used to be SO much fun counting, documenting all the times and ways Vi's dad would clean his glasses. Unfortunately, Aspen was also intimately familiar with the man that had joined their quiet bubble on the lawn.

She knew he hated sports, too, he'd hate this game even if he knew how to play it. Joao wasn't here to play, he was here to ... to what? Look at her? Prove some point?

Admittedly, Aspen was near meltdown at his proximity. The last she'd seen him, it'd been through the (literal) glow of fiery rage, his and hers. Hidden behind her stoic mask was a belly full of fear and hurt. Aspen shook her head a Vi. No. No food. This clearly had to happen sooner or later and the odds were in her favor this time around. She got her wand out in an obvious way, for both Joao and Vi to see.

Instead of retreat, Aspen waited for him to speak, knowing he'd be too polite to not be able to say something, to address at least Vi.

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