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Originally Posted by Mad Eye Touz View Post
"If it's an if, it's an if," Aspen shrugged. She didn't now if Max would ask or not. IF Vi was using IF she must not have known either. If was fine with her; Aspen was judging but not in a negative way.

She twitched a little, like Vi's words affected her. They did, but not in a way she could tell Vi. "Yeah," was all Aspen could say about it. Yeah. Keep him. "You could ask him if he doesn't ask you." Aspen was all about going for what you wanted, cutting down stereotypical sexists roles.
Originally Posted by StarShine View Post
Joćo had been avoiding people for all the party, but now it was time to socialise. He wanted to meet people, to show he was still there, to follow his dreams. He was strong enough. He could do it.

Seeing Aspen wasn't in today's plans, but it didn't matter. He had survived her crazy brother, surely he could survive her. His hair had begun growing again anyway. He was all in black. Black suit, black socks, black shoes. Black, like the mood he was in.

He walked to the things - whatever they were - and examined them. Did he need a partner, or could he do this alone?

Was it an if? Vivi mused over that as she kicked her ball through the next wicket and fiddled with the ends of her long hair. There was no harm in asking Max, actually, although Vivi was sure he'd say yes and she'd promised herself AND Ellie that she wasn't going to rush him. It was sort of a nitpicky conversation to have with someone to recently single, and not on good terms... Vivi would have gladly broken Kurumi's face several times over for being so happily engaged when she was going through her own ugly break-up.

"I should ask him in a way so embarrassing and cheesy that it makes my father take off his glasses and polish them." Vivi mimicked the anxious motion with a big grin... that quickly faltered when she spotted the man who had joined them on the croquet lawn. The impulse to break a face had risen in the dark cockles of her heart once again.

But he'd bleed on her very pretty dress. "Let's go get a snack."
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