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Originally Posted by Mad Eye Touz View Post
Aspen wasn't interested in a partner. Van had told her ages ago to get one, to find one, but she'd never been able to do it. She had thought Kennedy and Chosen, too but in the end, Aspen hadn't attached herself to either. Her trust didn't lend itself to partners.

Especially not now.

She got another ball. This one was a dark shade of purple. Aspen whacked this one too, no regard at all of anyone else on the grass. They better be constantly vigilant.

Aspen also wasn't interested in dating a flower, bud, vine, blooming or otherwise. She couldn't disagree, from what she knew and remembered of Max: All bloom.

"I'm just stoppering any ideas before you get them. I'm out; that's good enough." Not to mention, dangerous. Aspen wasn't the only one that worked at the Ministry, after all. "Are you going to marry Max?" Seemingly random, but what Aspen was wondering.
Aspen had a new ball, but it was gone just as quickly as the old one. At least they had a general idea where it went, and if she wanted to summon it back, Vivi was sure Aspen knew how. Talented witch, and dead scary. There was a reason that Vivi liked her so much.

At least she hadn't lost an eye to the wild swinging of the mallet. That was something right there.

"I have no ideas. All tapped out," Vivi exuded loads of false innocence. She was all ideas, all the time, and no mistaking it. Even right now, she was thinking about stealing food, stalking the Minister, breaking the jaw of a Minister's assistant, finding Kennedy to discuss an idea she had, finding Emily to discuss a different idea, going home and snogging Max, and going to a pub with Aspen to kick off their shoes and eat chips until they exploded. All that happening inside her brain.

She hit her own ball, not nearly as hard and almost but not quite in the direction of the next wicket, before giving Aspen a measured look. "Yeah. I'm going to marry him. If he asks."
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