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Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
"I'm filling my purse with snacks. I know how to take care of my potato head," Vivi tapped the purse, chosen for it's size and ability to hold drippy sandwiches without being ruined. These events were always well stocked with food, and she planned to stuff herself, and then take home a midnight feast to share with the boyf.

"What does an anti-social bouquet look like, anyway? Flowers hiding inside other flowers?" There was a hoop kind of generally ahead of her, and Vivi smacked her ball in that direction. It pinged off a tree and came nearly all the way back to her.

No big. Less walking to do.

"Sounds like something Chosen would do."
Or, in fact, probably was doing. If Aspen felt up to it later, she'd make sure to steal all the food Legend had in his pants. Just for old time's sake.

Aspen didn't hear screams from swan boats. Maybe it was too early still. She'd wait a little while and try again.

That hadn't been exactly what Aspen meant, but she latched on to the idea and gave it a go. "All buds, no blooms." It actually reminded her of one of her awful cousins - and that sent her back to black, poisonous (literally) thoughts. "I'm not socializing," she declared, just in case Vi was getting ideas. She'd agreed to go to this work function with Vi for two reasons: 1. Vi and 2. Work. Nothing more and nothing less.
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