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Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
"Max isn't social," Vivi finally pursued her ball across the grass, rolling it off a tuft of grass with the toe of her shoe. Not to say that Aspen was social, even under normal circumstances. "I mean, he tries to be for me, but he doesn't really like it."

The murderous look at the swan had not gone unnoticed, but Vivi wasn't willing to put herself between her best mate and normally very-angry birds. Let them worry about themselves. "I brought you. Deal with it."

Aspen lined up and shot her ball towards the swans, then offered her first smile of the night. No explanation was given though, and in fact, if not for the smile Aspen was acting as if nothing happened.

She toyed with the spider necklace around her neck.

Deal with it.

"You could take him home an anti-social bouquet."
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