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Mariel figured she'd be on her way out or at least headed that way, but she was going to take the long way around the garden just to make sure she had greeted or welcomed anyone that she needed to before she took her leave. And that way led her to a croquet area. That was.. quaint. Though the more she thought about it, the more the idea warmed up to her. It wasn't something that she would normally think of as an activity in which to partake.. she couldn't remember the last time she had played a game. Maybe when she lived in New Zealand.. But it was kind of a fun idea in a different, unassuming sort of way.

Though actually playing a game was somewhat moot. There was no one over here and she wasn't sure she'd want to take the time for one anyway. If her husband was here she was sure she would have talked him into playing a game and the thought of it made her chuckle as she made her way through the playing area. That gave her an idea for another day.
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