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Originally Posted by Ravaora Silverkin View Post
Oh dear sweet Merlin, Circe above, was the woman scratching?? She was! The way her hand moved across her cheek like that surely couldn't have been coincidence! Ravaora wracked her mind, trying to remember if this was contagious but of course it couldn't be or she would have been scratching too by now. The healer wagged her finger in reprimand. "Don't scratch it, Love, you'll only infect the area further." Then they would be in some serious trouble. Didn't want that, right?

She noted the disoriented look of the woman, like she was looking for something but there was nothing to be sought in this room. Sigh. It truly was setting in, wasn't it-- hdsfkvjf and that rambling she was doing!! Nevermind it had only been one question, it was one question too many!!!

"There is nothing wrong with your face that we cannot fix." Such a trooper she was, denying the inevitable in the face of death. It was almost sad. Tragic really. "But things are most certainly not alright. You have acute Pruritusism, confudosis and the beginnings of what can only be classified as Loquentes Ieiuniumtis categorized by scratching, disorientation and rambling respectively--NOT TO WORRY, we've seen worse cases." Ravaora reached for her clipboard and made a few jottings then thwacked a blue sticky post it on her forward followed by a purple. "There, now you can begin receiving the adequate help you need." Weren't colours FUN? "Any questions before you go?"

Had she just...had that woman just wagged her finger at her? Alysson wasn't a child. Though she didn't have much time to be taken aback by that, seeing as the next things she said made her forget everything else. INFECT. "I'm not scratching it. It just felt a bit...warm after you touched it." So she'd wanted to make sure her cheek was still okay. Was there something on it??? "I'm sorry, do you maybe have a mirror I could borrow?" Because she couldn't find one and was starting to get REALLY worried about her face.

And apparently there WAS something wrong with it. It was fixable though. Apparently.


Alysson just stared. And tried to stay calm. But having somebody tell you that you had a number of illnesses just made you feel anxious. No matter if you didn't feel ill before. If an authority figure tells you you're ill you're ill. Period. Not that she wasn't still questioning the woman's judgement. "Are you sure?" She tilted her head slightly, trying to sneak a peek at the clipboard without the Healer noticing.

Wait...she could leave? "How do you suggest we treat...this?" Was she supposed to take potions? Could she maybe ask another healer for a second opinion first?
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