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Originally Posted by Ravaora Silverkin View Post

Didn't understand?? SHE WAS LOSING BRAIN FUNCTION!!! Oh deaaar, oh dear oh dear oh dear. "It will all be explained in a minute, if you'd just follow me into the examination room we can get you checked and sorted before your brain dilapidates further." All said in a ridiculously slow voice to be sure the woman comprehended. Did she mention she was an expert at this? This one had no need to worry.

"Please step this way." She said, gesturing to the room on the side. Then they could get down to business.
Ronnie blinked. Before her brain dilapidated even further?! What was that supposed to mean? Ronnie felt completely fine, though...did she not look it? She took another glance at the woman once more, wondering what in Merlin's beard was up. Ah, oh well. She ought to follow her to find out, yeah?

Still extremely puzzled, the red head followed her into the examination room. She thought this would be a simple examination but now that the woman was all concerned for her, Ronnie felt it would be worse now and she wasn't looking forward to this whole thing.
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