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Originally Posted by Ravaora Silverkin View Post
Why was she looking at her like that? With those craaaazy eyes. It was setting in, wasn't it? Perhaps this one would need restraints while they got the evaluations done...just in case. "We will be here all day." Ravaora commented idly as she began patting at the woman's cheeks. "And will continue to be here until you are all healed and reformed." She sighed heavily, lowering her hands again. "It's just as I thought. Your face is changing colour. We'll need to prescribe you something for it." True. It was all red now. Would she need a mirror?

The healer reached for the clipboard across from her and began scribbling. "Denial as well..." She muttered as she scribbled. "But yes, I like your enthusiasm. You will not die so long as we are here! Now tell me, how have you been feeling lately? Stressed? Over worked? Under paid? Unfulfilled? Hmmmmm?" Leaning closer she pulled an eyelid down to check. It wasn't green. Huh. That ruled that out.
Oh...oh....oh....okay the examination had started apparently.

Alysson tried to keep as still as possible while the Healer slapped her patted her cheeks. All day. Well, at least they were only here for a day. That sounded reasonable. The next thing the woman said, however, didn't sound reasonable at all. Healed and reformed?? Turning her head slightly, Alysson reached up to rub her cheeks. That had hurt a little. It certainly hadn't been comfortable.


"I don't feel sick." Her face had fallen and when she glanced back to the Healer, there was a rather helpless look on her face. "What's wrong with my face?" She looked around, clearly in search for a mirror. What color was it? Why? What did that mean? What was going on?

"Alright?" She was still looking for a mirror. Alysson forced herself to focus on the Healer again though. Questions. She should answer those. So she could get better. "No." She shook her head. "Everything's alright." More or less.
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